Tired of friendships? Why not take an App.

It didn’t take this article by Prof Green to make me realise that people talk a lot of shit on social media (currently over 31 million users on Facebook talking crap till the cows come home). But it did get me to thinking that there is somethingbrewing in the air. People are getting the hump with social media and questioning it’s actual ‘sociability’.

I’m not going to get on the bandwagon and start berating the use of these sites because as the Stone Roses once said ‘I’m hooked line and sinker she’s my heroin’.  If loving social media is wrong, then I don’t want to be right. I’m guilty as hell of showing social media preference over real life sociability. Why? Because I dislike most people and I’m extremely lazy. This makes having a normal social life tricky. But enter social media site of choice and I’m spared a life of being outside of the loop. Yes I want to know that you’re in a relationship and happy and of course I want to see the photos of your new squeeze but no I can’t be bothered to sit through and entire coffee with you and I’m sure the feeling is mutual.

Prof Green does make a valid point about the inanity of posts but you only have to look at most people you know to realise this can’t be helped. Most people are boring and unimaginative (hence why funny forwards were invented, so we can look funny without actually having to work at it) this reinforces my preference for Facebook communication over the Starbucks variety. After all if you can’t stand to read about the dump your friends’ kid took in a nappy or their unremarkable thoughts on X-factor then imagine the hell you’ll experience sitting with them for an hour. It’s easier to scroll using almost no thumb effort past their update and the ‘like’ button than it is to fake enthusiasm and interest in their presence.

Social media gives you the option to dip in and out of people’s lives, thus prolonging a friendship that probably wouldn’t have survived otherwise.  Surely it’s better to keep the option of that friendship open should you change your mind at some stage in the future. Why passive-aggressively delete people off of your Facebook when you can more cunningly add them to a dormant friend category which stops them seeing anything you do. The beauty of this is that most of them won’t even know they are there and when you’re in a place to share with them again, hear all their news and take an active interest then you simply un-mute them without having ever hurt their feelings or revealed the massive grumpy arsehole that long ago killed your soul and took you over. If their moon is in correct alignment with your-anus and you’re not on their ‘naughty friends step’ then the friendship will flourish and it will be a beautiful mutually ‘liking’ endeavor. What could be more civilised than this?

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Crafting cures all!

As a keen knitter, I know there’s extraordinary benefits to knowing how to knit. Not just because it will save you money on jumpers and gifts for people but because it has an array of positive health benefits too.

Science catches up with the crafter’s and sees the potential of needle-crafts. I have to warn you, initially it will be anything but relaxing. Learning how to hold the needles, feed the wool and follow a pattern can be tricky. I spent my first knitting days with my tongue sticking out and my digits tied in knots. But I persisted and it paid off because it’s a cheap hobby with unlimited potential for growth.

If you fancy giving it a go, I can recommend this book for knitters of all stages. It’s easy to follow and the writer’s wit is as sharp as her needles.

If you’re still not convinced then read on for more health benefits associated with crafting (I don’t mean witchcraft, although on some days, sticking pins in people I hate would cheer me, but perhaps that’s misuse of the sewing kit).

Stitch some sunshine.

Needle-craft relieves depression. It’s not the elation of having created yourself a wonky, ill-fitting jumper, it’s apparently due to the repetitive nature of the hobby which releases serotonin. Why doesn’t data entry have the same effect I wonder?

Purl away your panic.

Needle-craft distracts you from your worries. By focusing the mind and keeping your hands busy, it helps to calm and soothe. It’s also said to be a constructive way to control obsessive compulsive tendencies of some anxiety sufferers.Purl away your panic.

Fidget Bridget

It’s a godsend during a boring movie (especially like me, if your partner is unfortunately obsessed with zombie movies).

You can’t smoke and knit.

Knitting can also give you something to do with your hands when quitting the fags (especially if you smoked roll ups).

Knit yourself thin!

It’s hard to scoff a cream cake when you’re in the midst of a punishing pattern.

Crochet confidence.

When friends compliment me on something I’ve knitted for them, I get a distinct buzz. If I were a nicer person I could attribute it to the joy of giving, unfortunately I’m not. You’ll love how capable crafting makes me feel and that you bring something new to your social circle. Sure people will take the piss, but once they see you purling your way to perfect health they’ll soon be ready to join you.

Needlework helps your noggin.

I’m not entirely convinced by this because my grandma was an avid knitter and she still wound up cremating pairs of trousers in the oven on a bad day. But studies show that needle-craft can postpone age-related dementia. Symptomsof dementia have allegedly been reduced by as much as 50%.

Late night knitters.

Needlework can be a savior for sufferers of insomnia. Counting sheep has been said to help with falling asleep, so the connection is fairly logical, just don’t fall asleep whilst knitting and stab yourself in the face.

Tight-knit communities.

You don’t have to sit alone in a rocking chair at home to knit, you can get out there and do it in public! Swapping tips and getting inspiration is a wonderful way of bonding with your fellow sisters (forgive the sexism: I just don’t know any men that knit). ‘Stitch N Bitch’ groups have taken over pubs and cafes the everywhere in the UK, check their website for your nearest group and start reaping the health rewards now!

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A Very Common Drawing of My Genitals

The heart shape ideograph is a symbol used to express the notion of love since the middle ages (first shows in a painting by Roman De La Poire) and since then the greetings cardindustry have made themselves quite a few fat bucks on the back of this plump little picture. Back in the day, it was shown mostly upside down (the reverse way to how we have it now). You could be forgiven for thinking this meant the opposite of love: like the inverse crucifix symbol for example. It wasn’t until the 15th century that we see it the right way up although (without considering time travel) it’s unclear what prompted the change. We’ve been using them happily to show our love (romantic and otherwise) since then. The ubiquitous heart shape has made it onto flags, computer games (to indicate lives left), health communications by healthcare authorities, valentines cards, accessories, souvenirs and even the holy bible!

Although geometrically speaking the cardioid doesn’t look anything like a real human heart, it can be seen almost everywhere in nature: plants, leaves, birds and fruit. All very innocent you might say, but in reference to what the shape actually looks like, there are some theories that link it to a depiction of female genitalia. Historians have found the image of a heart painted on the doors of brothels in ancient Rome, which has inspired discussions on the true meaning ofthis symbol.

Whether you’re convinced by this school of thought or not, i’m sure you will have a little laugh to yourself next time you see an ‘I heart NY’ sign.

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The pursuit of national happiness in Bhutan-The Telegraph article

Article taken from The Telegraph here. (Unable to ‘share’  via a link so it so copy and pasted it.). What a forward thinking idea from the people of Bhutan! Might have guessed HSBS would be somehow involved. Sigh.   

Since 1972, the country of Bhutan has measured its prosperity through formal principles of gross national happiness (GNH) – the physical and spiritual health of its citizens and environment – rather than the more monetary-related gross domestic product (GDP).

Through this, Bhutan aims to create a prosperous nation by taking care of the wellbeing of its people.

Many citizens follow the Buddhist doctrines of meditation and mindfulness. “Life is very, very uncertain so we say, live today, learn to live today. And when you learn to live today, you also learn to be very mindful” says Dr Saamdu Chetri, the Executive Director of the GNH Centre.

“We try to live in the present moment – in the here and now – not thinking about the past, which you can’t change anyway, and not thinking about the future, because it is yet to come.

“Gross national happiness is about leading a more meaningful life by contributing to your surroundings and fulfilling your aspirations” he says.

In the last 20 years Bhutan has doubled its life expectancy, and 100 per cent of its children now go to school. It is a carbon neutral country, and health and education is free to all.

“After all, how can the future of a country be a prosperous one if you neglect to conserve your environment and take care of the wellbeing of your people?” Dr Chetri asks

Retirement and Irrelevance

Such a worthwhile read and completely RELEVANT read. Love this.

J T Weaver

Teenagers think they know everything, yet they know almost nothing about life. They are barely educated and lack even the smallest morsels of life’s experience. They think their parents are old and out of touch. They truly believe they can do everything in life better. This isn’t a shocking revelation, but just the normal growth progression of life.

In a short 4 years or so, they will garner the coveted Bachelor’s degree and in a few more years, they may even have more framed wallpaper for their office. This is a dangerous time for them. They have been convinced, through teachings and titles, that they actually know stuff. And to some degree that’s true. They know stuff that other people know, but they haven’t discovered anything on their own, they lack the practical experience of life.

It’s only after a few years in the workplace that they discover how much…

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Let the crimbo shopping commence!

Harvey and Quinn Jewellery

With only a couple of paycheques to xmas, the buttons birds have given us some food for shopping thought with their new range. There really is something for everyone in the world of button accessorising and I feel sure you’ll find some really unique gifts.

For those not really into jewellery, how about getting them accessorising with a brooch? Not too in (or on) your face, subtle and elegant. Check out some of their new items.

Download brooches L quinn £45£32.jpg (771.1 KB)

Or how about some gorgeous gift sets in bold new colours reflecting natures beauty in fiery autumnal tones.

Download DSCN5805.jpg (212.3 KB)Download DSCN5833.jpg (115.5 KB)

If brooches aren’t your thing and you prefer a bit more button bling then how about these decadent new items for him and her:

Download DSCN5702.jpg (94.9 KB)Download DSCN6279.jpg (61.0 KB)Download DSCN6248.jpg (82.3 KB)Download DSCN6268.jpg (110.4 KB)Download DSCN6288.jpg (74.9 KB)Download DSCN6283.jpg (110.0 KB)DSCN5457DSCN5016DSCN5698DSCN4855DSCN4762DSCN4708

and for anyone who knows me….I LOVE THIS RING!


Or if you’re looking for something really charming this


Please do have a butchers at the button birds new range and get in there with…

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