Crafting cures all!

As a keen knitter, I know there’s extraordinary benefits to knowing how to knit. Not just because it will save you money on jumpers and gifts for people but because it has an array of positive health benefits too.

Science catches up with the crafter’s and sees the potential of needle-crafts. I have to warn you, initially it will be anything but relaxing. Learning how to hold the needles, feed the wool and follow a pattern can be tricky. I spent my first knitting days with my tongue sticking out and my digits tied in knots. But I persisted and it paid off because it’s a cheap hobby with unlimited potential for growth.

If you fancy giving it a go, I can recommend this book for knitters of all stages. It’s easy to follow and the writer’s wit is as sharp as her needles.

If you’re still not convinced then read on for more health benefits associated with crafting (I don’t mean witchcraft, although on some days, sticking pins in people I hate would cheer me, but perhaps that’s misuse of the sewing kit).

Stitch some sunshine.

Needle-craft relieves depression. It’s not the elation of having created yourself a wonky, ill-fitting jumper, it’s apparently due to the repetitive nature of the hobby which releases serotonin. Why doesn’t data entry have the same effect I wonder?

Purl away your panic.

Needle-craft distracts you from your worries. By focusing the mind and keeping your hands busy, it helps to calm and soothe. It’s also said to be a constructive way to control obsessive compulsive tendencies of some anxiety sufferers.Purl away your panic.

Fidget Bridget

It’s a godsend during a boring movie (especially like me, if your partner is unfortunately obsessed with zombie movies).

You can’t smoke and knit.

Knitting can also give you something to do with your hands when quitting the fags (especially if you smoked roll ups).

Knit yourself thin!

It’s hard to scoff a cream cake when you’re in the midst of a punishing pattern.

Crochet confidence.

When friends compliment me on something I’ve knitted for them, I get a distinct buzz. If I were a nicer person I could attribute it to the joy of giving, unfortunately I’m not. You’ll love how capable crafting makes me feel and that you bring something new to your social circle. Sure people will take the piss, but once they see you purling your way to perfect health they’ll soon be ready to join you.

Needlework helps your noggin.

I’m not entirely convinced by this because my grandma was an avid knitter and she still wound up cremating pairs of trousers in the oven on a bad day. But studies show that needle-craft can postpone age-related dementia. Symptomsof dementia have allegedly been reduced by as much as 50%.

Late night knitters.

Needlework can be a savior for sufferers of insomnia. Counting sheep has been said to help with falling asleep, so the connection is fairly logical, just don’t fall asleep whilst knitting and stab yourself in the face.

Tight-knit communities.

You don’t have to sit alone in a rocking chair at home to knit, you can get out there and do it in public! Swapping tips and getting inspiration is a wonderful way of bonding with your fellow sisters (forgive the sexism: I just don’t know any men that knit). ‘Stitch N Bitch’ groups have taken over pubs and cafes the everywhere in the UK, check their website for your nearest group and start reaping the health rewards now!

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