Let the crimbo shopping commence!

Harvey and Quinn Jewellery

With only a couple of paycheques to xmas, the buttons birds have given us some food for shopping thought with their new range. There really is something for everyone in the world of button accessorising and I feel sure you’ll find some really unique gifts.

For those not really into jewellery, how about getting them accessorising with a brooch? Not too in (or on) your face, subtle and elegant. Check out some of their new items.

Download brooches L quinn £45£32.jpg (771.1 KB)

Or how about some gorgeous gift sets in bold new colours reflecting natures beauty in fiery autumnal tones.

Download DSCN5805.jpg (212.3 KB)Download DSCN5833.jpg (115.5 KB)

If brooches aren’t your thing and you prefer a bit more button bling then how about these decadent new items for him and her:

Download DSCN5702.jpg (94.9 KB)Download DSCN6279.jpg (61.0 KB)Download DSCN6248.jpg (82.3 KB)Download DSCN6268.jpg (110.4 KB)Download DSCN6288.jpg (74.9 KB)Download DSCN6283.jpg (110.0 KB)DSCN5457DSCN5016DSCN5698DSCN4855DSCN4762DSCN4708

and for anyone who knows me….I LOVE THIS RING!


Or if you’re looking for something really charming this


Please do have a butchers at the button birds new range and get in there with…

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