Cash for your buttons!

Harvey and Quinn Jewellery

Buttons ,buttons and more buttons! If anyone has an old button box and does not mind parting with it, Harvey and Quinn are always looking for new treasures to make jewellery with. We are always willing to pay for old glass or metal buttons and also interesting and unusual plastic ones.If anyone would like to get in contact please pm me.Can I also thank our many friends that have already delighted us with some rare and beautiful finds! Please could you share x

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Just such a beautiful poem. x


It used to be you always fell

fell into your own dark hell

but from the dark came a light

held out her hands and held you tight

you didn’t fall, fall at all

she took your heart and took it all

Shines a future, shadows a past

show your smile and hide your mask

drop the doubt and learn to love

love thyself just enough

show your soul and show it bare

see her standing, still standing there

arms held out just as before

a shawl of love you cant ignore

the amber warmth inside your skin

A happiness grows from within

your arms are open, you’re standing too

for if she falls, you’ll catch her too

to care, to love and to protect

the single thing she mustn’t forget

as I will never, never at all

just always be there to catch a fall

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