John Lennon holding your shirt together.

Harvey and Quinn Jewellery

The gorgeous girlies (in their quest for world button domination) have done it again! Yes that’s right, they have sourced the corpse of John Lennon and made lots of little tiny buttons out of his bones. What better way to sell a bit of jewellery than to make it out of one of the Beatles. (Or more likely, I misread an email somewhere and filled in the blanks with my own warped imagination).

Rachel and Lucy have a range of jewellery which is becoming increasingly popular and it could still be accredited to the fact it’s tenuously linked to the 60s version of Take That. Yes the humble beetle. Why does it seem to be a winning name to give anything? Everything from back in the day bands to cute VW cars. Even the juice of this infamous creature seems to have helped Winona Ryder and Micheal Keaton’s careers a little.

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