Playing dress up and fiercely accessorising

Harvey and Quinn Jewellery

If we try to think of our first encounter with jewellery, I’m sure it would take us back to the wonder and mystery of mummy’s dressing table (or daddy’s if your daddy was that way inclined, I’m not judging). Going through little boxes rammed full of shiny things, shapes and colours and jewels to suit any style. Little creations taken from the world around us. Those little boxes felt like newly discovered treasure when I was a kid. And I’m not ashamed to say I still feel that way now about jewellery. The tactile nature of little beautiful extravagant things never seems to ware off. I think that’s why women are notoriously addicted to bling.

This feeling is ignited whenever I see a new jewellery item on the Harvey and Quinn website. Looking on their website for me (and their other followers) is like window shopping at Tiffany’s. The experience and…

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