The Button Birds

Harvey and Quinn Jewellery


 Buttons: they’re everywhere. They can’t be denied. Most spend their days laboring lovingly to hold one side of your clothes to the other, whilst others hide shyly in a drawer somewhere waiting to be re-discovered.  If buttons were a currency, we’d all have a fair few bob knocking about the place that’s for sure. But who really cares about buttons? Who really gives them a second thought? Old ladies who imprison them in Quality Street tins under their sinks? Charity shop managers? Children learning crafts or building snowmen? Right though these answers may be, the people who really care about buttons are Rachel Harvey and Lucy Quinn. They are building an empire on their love of buttons and they wont stop till they have us all looking at buttons in a very different way!


 When Rachel Harvey met Lucy Quinn (other than having recognized her immediately as a fellow lunatic), they discovered their mutual…

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